Emily Ratajkowski Uses This Best-Selling Australian Fake Tan For An Instant Glow

And it only costs $25

InStyle marie claire & InStyle Senior Digital Beauty And Lifestyle Editor / May 03 2019

You can eschew any thoughts of heavy, sticky and smelly self-tanning products of beauty nightmares past. 2019 has ushered in a new crop of tanning products - formulated to be quick drying, odourless and weightless. Advancements in technology and smarter ingredients lead to a new generation of fake tan that’s designed not to look - dare we say it - fake. Cute the latest innovation from Australian beauty brand Bondi Sands - Aero Tan ($24.99; at priceline.com.au). 

After launching globally last month the product has already received endorsements from Emily Ratajkowski and Steph Claire Smith. 

From the number one selling brand globally, Bondi Sands unveiled this boundary-pushing bronzing mousse at Coachella with an A-list party which hosted the brand's ambassadors - including Em Rata.

Aero is an aerated self-tanning foam which means it's weightless, ultra-fast drying and quick absorbing. Plus it's enriched with vitamin e and jojoba to nourish your skin and provide an even longer lasting tan. 

Despite Emily sharing her bronzed transformation in the bathroom, the brand's co-founder Blair James warns against applying self-tanner after a shower or bath. Steam makes your pores expand – resulting in those pesky dark dots that commonly occur when applying fake tan to your legs or arms. For foolproof tanning, wait for your skin to cool down and always start at your feet as not to run the risk of creating lines or creases from bending over.

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