How to get Emily Ratajkowski's photoshoot-ready hair while you sleep

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BEAUTYcrew / November 25 2020

While wild, curly hair is one of this year's biggest hair trends, it's important to note the significant difference between beautifully textured locks and matted, unruly hair. To ensure your hair falls into the former category, rather than the latter, Emily Ratajkowski's go-to hair stylist, Christian Wood, has shared his tried and true nighttime hair routine, so you too can wake up with photo shoot-ready hair.

To begin your shoot-ready hair prep, Wood recommends applying a dry oil to your mid-lengths and ends. "This helps detangle and leave a smooth, silky base for sleeping," he said. Wood's secret weapon for tangle free hair is Wella Professionals' Light Luminous Reflective Oil. Fellow supermodel Bella Hadid also swears by a hair oil.

Once you have applied your product, give it a good brush. The oil will ensure that the brush glides through with ease, but you'll want to make sure you're choosing a brush that does the job but doesn't cause breakage. Try WetBrush's Pro Detangle Brush.

To really nail that lived-in hair look, put your hair in a braid and secure it with a silk scrunchie. But it's not just great hair texture that comes as a result of braided hair. "A silk scrunchie and braid helps prevent nighttime friction," said Wood. Here, he recommends Slip's Silk Scrunchie.

While these three steps may sound simple, following them will save you a lot of time and hair damage in the long run. "Damage is caused from friction during sleep," said Wood, who continued by warning that "brushing out matter hair from sleeping dramatically weakens the hair over time."

And if that wasn't enough incentive to stop you aggressively brushing your hair each morning, perhaps this note by Wood will be: "Matted, unruly hair means prolonged styling every day."

While following this nighttime hair routine is sure to leave you with silky tresses come morning, you could add one further step to nix sleep-induced hair damage for good. "Sleeping on a silk cushion leaves hair way more manageable, shiny and less prone to damage," said Wood, who also believe that a silk cushion words to reduce drag and friction on hair by 43 per cent.
Here, find Wood's top products for your nighttime hair regime:

Wella Professionals Light Luminous Reflective Oil

WetBrush Pro Detangle Brush in 'Pink Watercolour'

Slip Silk Large Scrunchie

Slip Silk Queen Pillowcase

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