Emma Watson’s travel bag must-have isn’t what you’d expect

But it's perfect for spring

Beauty Editor / September 21 2023

Over the course of eight Harry Potter films it’s safe to say we’ve seen Emma Watson walking around with a potion or two in her bag. Even still, 12 years on from playing Hermoine Granger, the contents of her purse are still taking us by surprise. While there mightn’t be anything magical (or particularly thrilling) about her travel must-have, her revelation is interesting nonetheless – or in Watson’s words: “really intense”. 

Forget a conditioning lip balm or a hydrating skin mist (though we know Watson is a fan of this Aussie-made product), her real in-flight saviour isn't typically part of everyone's usual rotation.

The hay fever girlies might want to raise their nozzles in support because it turns out the Harry Potter actress won’t go anywhere without her trusty congestion-busting nasal spray.

In a video shared by Vogue, the actress said “when I fly a lot and I try and use these nose sprays.” Obviously amused by her revelation, “this one is made from oregano oil, you do it and it’s like ‘woah’" Watson said laughing.

Now if we were to remove the visuals and any context, you’d be forgiven for thinking Watson was describing something not entirely legal. But alas, the lady just gets a hit out of clearing her sinuses. Can you blame her?

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