Everything you need to know about Kybella

And no, it’s not the name of an up-and-coming celeb!

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 25 2017

With technology advancing faster than ever, there is now a clinical treatment to fix almost every single face and body woe imaginable. Got pigmentation? A course of laser treatments can help fade spots over time. And frown lines? There are more than a handful of brands and injection techniques to solve this niggling issue. The newest treatment to make waves internationally is Kybella - a fat-dissolving injection that almost sounds too good to be true. We chat to Dr. Naomi McCullum from The Manse Clinic, who shares her expert knowledge on the topic.

What is Kybella?
“Kybella is deoxycholic acid, a prescription medicine used to improve the appearance of a double chin caused by too much under-chin and neck fat. This injection improves the angle of the neck and is an alternative to neck liposuction.”

How does Kybella work?
“As Kybella is made from deoxycholic acid (something that your body makes), it can help to break down and absorb fats.In short, it works by destroying the fat cells. Once destroyed these cells can’t store or accumulate fat, so further treatment isn’t expected after you reach your goal.”

Is Kybella legal in Australia?
“It is not approved in Australia [as at time of interview], but is very soon to be approved. It will be called Belkyra in Australia.”

Why can this product only be used under the chin?
“It is only approved for use under the chin. In countries where it has been approved, doctors are using it ‘off-label’ in many other areas of the body where fat accumulates and bothers patients, like the thighs and love handles.”

Are there other brands on the market that work like Kybella?
“There are fat-freezing and fat-removing devices on the market, and there have been fat-dissolving injections available in the past, however none are the same as Kybella.”

Does the injection hurt?
“Yes, Kybella is painful, but we can use numbing cream and happy gas to make it more comfortable for patients.”

Can you see results immediately after treatment?
“In fact, there may be swelling after treatment, so the patient may look temporarily worse. The patient will then be assessed for their need for further sessions approximately six weeks after each treatment , and it takes usually one to six treatments altogether.”

Will everyone see the same results with Kybella?
"Everyone is starting with a different size, structure and amount of fat, so there will be a range of responses to treatment.”


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