Product of the week: Lancôme Grandiôse Liner

The bending wand that’ll change the way you apply eyeliner

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 25 2017

What it is: Lancôme Grandiôse Liner

Why you need it: For anyone that’s come close to achieving a perfect line with liquid eyeliner, you’ll know that this is no easy feat. Not only do you have to open your eyes enough to access your top lash line while still being able to see, but you also need to hold the tool in your hand at the perfect angle and get the amount of flick in your wrist just right (and don’t get us started on trying to achieve the look while you’re running late; it’s a recipe for disaster). Lancôme’s newest Grandiôse Liner has just launched to take out the difficulty of mastering this classic beauty look, all thanks to its bending design that allows you to either use the tool at 180 degrees (like you would use a pen eyeliner), or at an ergonomic 35 degrees where you don’t even need to move your wrist as you draw your line.

What you need to know: Made with nylon microfibres and resin, the flexible tapered tip carries one of three shades (pick from Carbon Black, Sapphire Blue and Deep Brown) and can etch super fine lines, right through to bold, architectural shapes along the lash line. Those with little patience and time will love the quick-drying formula, which can be easily removed with warm water and cleanser.

How to use it: Hold the wand like you would a pen, then lightly press the tip onto the inner corner of your eye. With one movement, move the tip across your entire lash line, stopping at the outer corner of your eye, or extending it further for a cat eye look.

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