The truth about cult-favourite CeraVe and its ceramide moisturiser

Our expert panel knows their stuff…

June 18 2021

In a world where TikTok beauty trends are as frequent as Olivia Rodrigo bangers, we’re all pretty skeptical when it comes to hyped-up products on the platform.

But whether you’re a Gen Z, millenial, or have no idea what a D’Amelio even is, there’s no escaping the constant praise people have for the ceramide-powered formulas of CeraVe.

Affordable, accessible and packed with ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier (and soothe it), the simple but effective skin care brand seems to play well with all skin types.

Still, we wanted to make sure the story checks out before dropping $20 on a new winter moisturiser. And who better to give us the fresh and honest tea than our expert beauty panel of Super Crew members…

#1 / Winter couldn’t be a better time to try it

With skin suffering from extra dryness during the colder months, the CeraVe Moisturising Cream was found to be the perfect antidote.

“Unfortunately I have a bad habit in winter of sitting too close to the heater for warmth and as a result the skin on my calves are considerably dry,” said Minnie I. “I've used quite a few moisturisers on them in the PM, only to wake up in the morning with the skin looking dried out again.”

“Happy to say the CeraVe moisturising cream not only maintained the moisture levels overnight, [but] my legs were considerably smoother and [it] soothed any irritation from shaving.”

Guianna Mei P also named it, “the perfect staple cream this winter season.”


#2 / The ingredients check out

Fiends for making sure all formulas do as they claim, our Super Crew confirmed the CeraVe Moisturising Cream is filled with all the good stuff.

It contains the most hydrating and nourishing ingredients, such as ceramides (3 and 6-11), and hyaluronic acid,” said Guianna Mei P. “That's how moisturising and protective it is.”

Charlotte C also approved the ingredient list. “The cream is [made] just with simple ingredients – it is a really nice, affordable moisturiser,” she said. “The formula is fragrance free, just like everything else from Cerave.”


#3 / Sensitive skin needn’t worry

The skin barrier-strengthening qualities of the moisturising cream and ceramide formula also proved to work well on sensitive skin.

I have extremely sensitive eczema-prone skin and currently I’m in the middle of an episode,” said Janelle B. “With CeraVe, I don’t scratch as my skin is less irritated, deeply hydrated and comfortable.”

“The texture is also not heavy on the skin or greasy and doesn’t have irritating scents or products in there to further anger my already angry skin,” she added.


The verdict: Worth the hype

Our Super Crew gave the CeraVe Moisturising Cream a unanimous 5/5 star rating. And let us tell you, this is almost unheard of from such beauty experts.

The only gripe? “I would have preferred that this came in a pump bottle or tube bottle so it’s neater to use,” said Klaudine G.

But overall, the verdict is that the product absolutely deserves the praise it gets. 

“It’s very buttery on skin, absorbs quickly and leaves it so hydrated and nourished,” said Abeera F. “My skin has improved so much.”

So there you have it folks, more Holy Grail than hype.


Main image credit: @goodskineveryday

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