The expert guide to radiant skin (without blowing your budget)

Our Super Crew spills the tea

February 15 2021

In 2020, one of Google’s biggest search terms was ‘how to get glowing skin’. And in 2021, a brighter, more radiant complexion remains the goal.

What’s changed, however, is that the quest for that glass-like finish is no longer solely reliant on makeup and dewy highlighter. The idea is to achieve such luminosity with nothing but a bare face no small skin care feat.

But while there’s plenty of products out there that promise brilliant brightening results, you don’t have to break the bank to fight dullness. You just need a little know-how and the help of our Super Crew...

#1/ It’s all about the routine

If you’re really looking to enhance your radiance, you need a routine that tackles dullness in every step. Neutrogena’s Bright Boost range includes a Resurfacing Micro Polish, Illuminating Serum and Gel Cream, which work together to reveal a more wide-awake complexion.

#2/ Exfoliation is key

Dead skin cells are a key contributor to dullness, which is why it’s important to consistently exfoliate if you’re looking to brighten your skin.

Super Crew member Jenny Z was sceptical about trying “a drugstore resurfacing micro polish,” as she has sensitive skin and typically doesn’t go for physical exfoliants. However, to her pleasant surprise, “the Neutrogena Bright Boost Resurfacing Micro Polish was quite finely milled and lathered up really nicely.”

It was a similar scenario for Guianna Mei P, who was pleased to find the “micro polish is formulated with AHAs, [including] mandelic acid, along with glycolic acid, which [are] both good for my sensitive skin.”

Charlotte C, who has combination skin said of the polish, “it does give me a brightened and smoothed skin texture and is not too dry after the wash,” adding that, “this is probably the product I like most in the series”.


#3/ Treat with a serum

When it comes to choosing a brightening serum, looking at the ingredients is key. The Neutrogena Bright Boost Illuminating Serum is powered by Neoglucosamine®, which helps to even and smooth the skin day after day.

Super Crew member Ellie P found the serum to be, “super moisturising [and] silky on the skin,” also commenting that a little goes a long way and that it absorbs well and leaves a glow.

Shimona R seconded the silky feel and said she “instantly noticed brighter and glowier skin,” and found it to be plenty hydrating. Both members did mention that this serum also contains AHAs, so it’s best to follow with an SPF if using it in the morning.


#4 Boost cell turnover

The fresher your skin, the brighter your complexion. And so, when it comes to choosing a cream for your radiance routine, look for one that encourages and boosts cell turnover.

The Neutrogena Bright Boost Gel Cream was described by Super Crew member Abeera F as “an everyday lightweight cream [that] absorbs quickly [and leaves] skin hydrated and fresh.” She also mentions that it “awakens tired skin”.

Some Super Crew members mentioned that it gave off a sheen and scent that wasn’t to their taste, but Charlotte C mentioned it  “would be a great base [if you were to use it] prior to applying foundation, so you will have a shimmering effect brightening up from the skin.”

Main image credit: @goodskineveryday

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