The one trick that’ll make your foundation look SO much better

Foundation trick for airbrushed skin

It’ll make you look filtered in real life

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 29 2018

The whole point of foundation is to make your skin look so incredibly natural and flawless that it looks like you’re not even wearing a slick of makeup. But alas, foundation is one of the trickiest darn products to master.

Luckily, we have a few tricks up our sleeve (just see here, here and here) and we’ve come across another clever technique that’ll help you crush it like a pro. 

On the little haven that is the Reddit’s Makeup Addiction subreddit, user MaryKaty7 posted an almost tear-jerking revelation that she says has resulted in her most flawless foundation, ever.

And it’s all to do with a little thing called stippling.

“After several years of ‘I don’t wear foundation/BB/any face base because it never sits right on me’ I was determined to find a way to make my new Makeup Forever Ultra HD Perfector work,” wrote MaryKaty7. “The first time I wore it, same story as always. Not this time.”

“I spent like 3 hours watching tutorials the other night and applied with a downward swipe, then stippling to finish and it. looked. good. I was freaking out much to the confusion of my fiancé lol. Sorry if this is all over the place, I just felt so happy.”

While it seems there are just as many ways to apply foundation as there are formulations, stippling is one technique that makes ALL the difference. Trust us, if you haven’t tried it yet you’ll soon become addicted!

Not familiar? If you have some skin issues you’d like to disguise (read: everyone), stippling is your ticket for that airbrushed, filtered appearance. It blurs discolouration, bumps, scars, and can even be used as a spot treatment to hide just one blemish or a whole entire bunch of spots. 

Convinced yet?

To get started you’ll need a stippling brush (usually they are white on top and black on the bottom – try MAC 187 Due Fiber Face Brush). Put a little foundation on the back of your hand (or on your makeup palette, you fancy little thing!) and lightly tap the brush into the foundation, covering the white part without overloading it.

With a light tapping motion, apply the foundation evenly over your face until it looks kind of pixelated. You can then super lightly swirl the brush in small circles to blend. This way you’re gently placing your foundation to get that airbrushed look.

And, as can be inferred from MaryKaty7’s glorious experience, the results are pretty freaking amazing.

Happy stippling!

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Have you tried the stippling technique before? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below.

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