These new primers are basically real-life Instagram filters

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Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 25 2017

Gone are the days where primers are only used to extend the life of your makeup. Now, new formulations that promise to correct imperfections, revive your complexion and deliver serious glow while making sure your foundation sticks around all day are a dime a dozen.

2017 seems to be taking things one step further on the primer front, with two brands announcing the launch of light-reflecting, colour correcting primers that promise to illuminate the complexion while correcting colour discrepancies on the skin. Essentially, these new primers act as a real-life Instagram filter for the face, blurring and brightening in less than five seconds flat.

The two most notable releases to look out for this year come from BECCA Cosmetics and MAC. The former has just recently announced they’re launching their First Light Priming Filter, which contains light-reflecting crystals that work to seriously up the ante on your skin’s natural radiance.

The most interesting feature of BECCA’s new release is its shimmery purple formula. Purple colour correctors that reduce sallowness and neutralise yellow tones aren’t anything new, but in the past when they’ve been used as a highlighting alternative they haven’t always worked brilliantly as the lilac shade often leaves an ashy and unnatural finish on those with darker skin tones. This new primer changes that. BECCA shared on their website three images that show the primer in action, illuminating three different skin tones without leaving behind an odd purple tinge.

BECCA also promises that the new product can instantly erase what they’ve dubbed the ‘five signs of Bad Face Day,’ which includes fatigue, dullness, dehydration, puffiness and fine lines. The official Australian release date for the primers is March 1, so you only need to hold out for a few weeks to see if the new launch lives up to its hype.

Additionally, MAC has recently launched four new shades of their original Strobe Cream. In addition to the classic pinky shade (now known as Pinklite), peach (Peachlite), silver (Silverlite), red (Redlite) and gold (Goldlite) shades have been added to the collection. Each cream contains iridescent pearl particles with different coloured shimmers to highlight, hydrate and revitalise tired skin, meaning those who want highlighted features can achieve their desired look without having to sacrifice their skin concerns. Genius!

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Image credit: @beccacosmetics

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