Why every French it-girl is obsessed with this pharmacy product

The latest brainchild from this cult-favourite beauty brand

Beauty Editor / October 27 2023

We’re all well-versed in the four French E’s: Eiffel, escargot, Emily and Embryolisse. And as of today, we have updates on two out of the four. The new season of Emily in Paris? That’s due to land mid-December 2023.

As for Embryolisse, the French pharmacy brand behind the iconic Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre Multipurpose Moisturiser, they’ve recently launched a makeup-skin care hybrid that will leave you looking as though you’re wearing nothing but the inherited genetics from your Parisian ancestors (who may or may not even exist).

French-girl beauty is arguably the most coveted aesthetic in the world. And while eating a warm, roadside crêpe, or being scolded in a foreign language for walking obnoxiously slow in the wrong direction might be some of the few delights that can only be experienced on the bustling streets of France, replicating the local’s minimalist glow isn’t.

Pourquoi? Because one well-informed tip from us is about to open your eyes to what the it-girls are picking up in the beauty aisle of their local French pharmacy. 

What is Embryolisse’s newest launch?

Embryolisse’s latest launch, the Radiant Complexion Cream, is a rose-tinted day cream that’s been inspired by makeup and designed for application across the face, neck and under-eye area.

True to all products within the brand’s range, this considered and universally-appealing cream has been formulated to revitalise dull skin and offer daily relief from the impacts of hormonal fluctuations, an ageing complexion and harsh environmental conditions.

By incorporating the brand’s universal pink shade, the silky texture washes the skin with a subtle, youthful flush to leave you looking as fresh as a rose. As for the 96 per cent natural ingredients? These work to soothe and nourish the skin over the long term.

Embryolisse Radiant Complexion Cream Rose Glow

What are the ingredients?

The detoxifying and brightening antioxidant, silk tree bark extract, has been carefully selected for its ability to depuff the skin and effectively fade any purple, yellow or blue hues. On top of this, a natural form of hyaluronic acid has been included to ensure proper levels of hydration are reaching the top layer of the epidermis.

The result? The long-awaited return of skin elasticity and, of course, the visible plumping of fine lines.

Created alongside makeup artist Olivier Tissot, natural rose pigments and illuminating pearls have been cleverly incorporated to mimic that quintessential radiant, French-girl, bare-skin finish.

Who’s it for?

Anyone seeking to target a lacklustre complexion in one effortless addition to their morning regimen is sure to covet the Radiant Complexion Cream.

Considering Embryolisse only works with efficacious but gentle ingredients, this cream – which has been dermatologically-tested on sensitive skin – is suitable for all skin types and won’t require a period of acclimatisation.  

The results?

A refreshed, French girl-approved, rosy-glow. You know, the kind that comes off the back of a brisk walk in the cool air? Or from a two week holiday, a compliment from an attractive stranger or a good night’s sleep?

As for the mysterious and effortless cool-girl allure that’s shared by the Radiant Complexion Cream’s cult-following? You’ll have to read the fine print…

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