The backstage makeup trick Georgia Love thinks you should know

Georgia Love

And it’s so simple

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

Georgia Love is no stranger to being in front of a camera. From her background as a journalist, to her time as Australia’s The Bachelorette and her latest gig as the first brand ambassador for Palmer’s, she’s someone who has had more than a little experience in the spotlight. So when she revealed in an exclusive interview with us the top makeup tip she’s picked up from her time backstage over the years, we took note.

“I never contoured before, but having my makeup done professionally I’ve learnt,” she says. But, if you don’t want to go “full blown, lining your face and using the different coloured concealers, doing triangles and all the things you see on Youtube.” Georgia has a go-to trick that she swears by for upping your makeup look: a light dusting of bronzer in all the right places!

“I think the best thing is a bronzer with one of those thin, fan brushes. Just [make a] weird pussycat bum face and then apply your bronzer really lightly in those lines. It immediately makes your makeup look more done, it gives you those contour lines and in the same vein, highlighter. I’d never used a highlighter before and it just works wonders,” she explains.

We can’t get enough of Georgia’s low maintenance attitude to beauty. See more from our interview with Georgia Love, where she reveals her favourite beauty products and the bizarre secret she swears by.

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