The 7 beauty essentials Gigi Hadid always has in her handbag

Including an $18 Amazon steal

Editor / September 05 2022

Loading all your beauty essentials into one bag can be a mammoth task. As anyone with an affinity for lip colour knows, a handbag can serve as a lipstick/balm/gloss graveyard if you're not careful. So how does one avoid said disgrace?! You contain within your containment, a lesson we just learned from Gigi Hadid's appearance on VOGUE Italia's In The Bag series.

Here’s Hadid’s trick: she actually packs a pouch of beauty products inside her bigger (stunning) Prada purse. Hey, you have to stay organised when you're a supermodel and a mum whose bag needs to fit everything from toddler toys to an array of sunglasses to work with every outfit as well as all your on-the-go beauty goodies. So what’s inside this fancy little beauty pouch? Allow us to break it down…

VOGUE Italia

VOGUE Italia

“It’s a little toiletry bag in my bag,” Hadid explained of the pouch’s purpose, going on to explain each individual item. “It has pimple stickers,” she first noted, pulling out a pack of the Welly Face Saver Clear Spot Bandages ($36.12 at Ocean Bargains). Hydrocolloid patches are always useful, particularly when requests for runway work could come through at any moment.

Next out of the pouch was a scrunchie. Not just any scrunchie, though – Hadid likes to buy hers in affordable multi-packs (and for that we appreciate her; even supermodels love a steal). “These are my favourite scrunchies – you can get these on Amazon. They come in a pack of 100 colours," she shared. The REJOL Elastic Hair Scrunchie 100 Pack ($18.98 at Amazon) features an array of fabric, shade and print options from fuchsia velvet (which Hadid had on hand) to beige satin.

Welly Face Saver Clear Spot Bandages

REJOL Elastic Hair Scrunchie 100 Pack

Said scrunchie isn’t her only hair essential, either. On top of a hairbrush (a classic and clever item to carry), she also packs a claw clip and a purse-sized bottle of hairspray for the times where she needs to nail an updo in a flash. “[These items are] very useful because sometimes you just need to throw your hair up but you’re looking a little bit shabby. Hairspray always makes you look put together," Hadid explained.

She didn’t identify the brand of her specific claw clip, but the Apricité Studios Signature Clip in Papaya ($45 at Apricité Studios) serves similarly chic orange-hued vibes. Her hairspray preference? A cute and convenient mini can of TRESemmé ($1.99 each at Chemist Warehouse), which while not sold in Australia in Hadid's exact preference, is available in an array of hold and finish levels. 

Apricité Studios Signature Clip in Papaya

TRESemmé Hairspray

Another power couple in her bag is her go-to lip combo, or as she puts it “lip moisturiser and my favourite Maybelline SuperStay Crayon” ($20.95 at Big W), in what appears to be the shade On The Grind from the Spiced Up collection. Hadid claims it’s the ideal ‘your lips but better’ duo: “if you mix these together, it’s like a lip tint; it’s easy and it stays on all day.” As for the identity of the aforementioned lip moisturiser, she's talking about none other than the Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask in Berry ($31 at Sephora), a pout-quenching fave among celebs and beauty editors alike.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Maybelline SuperStay Crayon in On The Gind

That's it! A little makeup, a few hair heroes, and a fast-acting skin care fix. Hadid has chosen (and stowed) her items wisely, and we will be packing our own beauty pouches into our purses pronto.

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