Gigi’s incredible long braid is giving us major hair envy

The model has just defined what hair goals is

Contributor / May 25 2017

Gigi Hadid is famously known for her effortless beach waves, but lately, it seems the 21-year-old has been exploring some different avenues when it comes to her hairstyles.

This week, the model hosted the 2016 iHeart Radio Much Music awards in Toronto, Canada, and gave us major hair envy the moment she stepped onto the red carpet.

Hadid arrived to the event wearing a bright orange-red lip and what appeared to be a messy, low ponytail.

But then she turned around, and we were completely floored by the braided style.

Hadid’s hair stylist Jennifer Yepez created an exceptionally long (it literally went to her hips) teased braid, which flicked out in the tail. The result was extraordinary, and took Hadid’s look to another level.

Yepez explained to how she was originally planning on doing a bun, but thought she needed something little more edgy to match her hosting duties. "I wanted to make the look young and fun, something newer than just beach-y hair," she said. "We were playing around with really long extensions and we were both really into it. Gigi mentioned doing a braid."

Gigi’s hair was altered throughout the night, seen here styled over her shoulder

The lengthy braid was then styled high on her crown

The long plait was then twisted around the ponytail base to create this epic bun

To create the red carpet look, Jennifer blow dried the front of Gigi’s hair to make it smooth and straight, and left the rest of her strands naturally wavy. Yepez recommended holding onto your natural texture when styling a thick braid like Gigi’s, this way, you’ll achieve a more modern look. Evidently, she also had the help of some great quality hair extensions to assist with the length. If you want to try this look but can’t get your hands on extensions, we recommend adding texture with a texturising spray or powder and tease the hair that forms the plait to give it some depth.

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