Skip the salon (but still nail your manicure) with these at-home nails

Salon quality in a flash…

Content Producer / September 13 2023

The Product

Are you ready to know how to feel good as hell? Step one: toss your hair. Step two: check your nails. But what if you’ve not had time to book in for your mani refresh? Okay, maybe we won’t look at your nails then… Luckily, with a set of GLAM by Manicare Ready Pre-Glued Nails on your side, your nails will be looking fresh in no time. 

The easy-to-apply nails give you so much time back, as they allow you to skip the salon entirely. Not to mention, unlike with traditional stick-on nails, there’s literally no mess! Peel and go and you’ve got a fresh high quality mani at your fingertips (pun intended). 

Here’s what our panel of Review Crew® testers had to say about the simple and stunning manicure must-haves.

The Panel

BEAUTYcrew sent the GLAM by Manicare Ready Pre-Glued Nails in three various styles (Rose Petal Jelly, Le Petite French and Ballet on Point) to women aged 19-30 who were keen to save time and money but still wanted a salon quality mani.

The Lowdown

Here’s what the Review Crew® loved about GLAM by Manicare Ready Pre-Glued Nails.

Effortlessly easy application: Our reviewers loved how easy it was to simply unpeel the pre-glued stickers on the back of each nail and create salon-worthy nails at home without any of the mess!

The time they saved: If you’re time-poor, you know about the struggles of trying to find time to fit a nail appointment in! So be like our reviewers and skip the salon with this time-saving solution.

The affordable price point: There’s nothing worse than trying to decide which beauty essentials you can live without while you’re trying to save up. Luckily for you, GLAM’s pre-glued nails are completely budget-friendly, and our Review Crew® can vouch for being on board regarding the switch from salon sessions to at-home alternatives. 

The verdict

“Loved these ready pre-glued nails for when you are on the go or can’t get into your nail appointment. I hadn’t ever considered trying pre-glued nails before receiving this item to trial. They were easy to apply, functional, practical, and such a gorgeous colour. I’d definitely try them again in other colour ways! I’d consider this a great alternative for anyone who would like to give their nails a break from the nail salon, definitely a great alternative for those travelling abroad for a longtime - they can be your replacement nails until you arrive back home. Such a cute colour!”
REVIEWcrew® Member
“I am very very happy with this product! From the very cute packaging right down to the quality of this product. I think press-on nails are great for people who live a busy life (like myself being a busy mum of 2 under 2) .They are super easy to use plus the pack comes with everything you need. The quality of this product is really good. I followed the easy to read step by step guide on how to apply the nails and they have come up great. I would say they’re just as good as proper acrylic nails. I’ve had mine on now for roughly a week and none have come off, which is amazing. I will defs be buying more of these. They’ve even got aftercare instructions on how to take them off without damaging your real nail which I think is very thoughtful. Overall I would rate this product a 10/10 and think they have done a really great job.”
Chloe B
REVIEWcrew® Member
“I have been wanting to take a break from getting acrylic nails so I thought I would give these a go. Firstly they were easy to apply and had enough spare ones just in case you needed to replace some. Would be perfect if you work in an office or don’t have to use your hands much. It was also easy to remove them as well without having to damage your natural nails.”
Denise C
REVIEWcrew® Member

The products for this Review Crew® trial have been provided by GLAM by Manicare to Are Media and BEAUTYcrew for the purpose of trial and review by Review Crew® members.

*This combined average star rating for GLAM by Manicare Ready Pre-Glued Nails Reviews is based on a combined total of 50 reviews submitted and is correct as of 11/09/2023.

Main image credit: Are Media

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