Go-To’s Very Lightweight Moisturiser has arrived and here’s our first-hand review

We got the inside scoop

Editor / June 16 2022

Every time Go-To launches a new product it’s for a good reason. And it’s no different for the brand spankin’ Very Lightweight Moisturiser you’ve come to suss our review on.

The peachy product lineup already consisted of a moisturiser, but it was made mostly with dry-skinned folk in mind who loveeee a hefty cream. So what if you’re a matte-finish fan? Or have oily skin? They’ve got you covered with the newbie now.

I myself have combination skin (and if you’re around here often you’ll sure have heard me complain about) so I’m already pretty partial to a gel cream

I was lucky to get my hands on the new Go-To one early and have done my due diligence to test it out for you. So get ready, honest thoughts incoming…

The product details


Let’s start with the nitty (and not so) gritty. This lightweight bad boy is oil-free and made to leave a matte finish on the skin with no greasy residue.

But don’t be fooled, it still packs a hydrating punch. It contains three of my all-time faves – cermamides, provitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid – for some super moisturising, plumping, soothing and barrier-strengthening action. As for oil and sebum control, that comes down to clover flower extract, which (rumour has it) is great for minimising pores too.

Lastly (and excitingly) this is Go-To’s first refillable product. AND the refill pod is $12 cheaper than the complete pot price. High five for the planet and your wallet.

Go-To Very Lightweight Moisturiser review

I mean no disrespect to regular fifty-shades-of-cream moisturisers but gosh I love opening a fresh tub and seeing colour. The Very Lightweight Moisturiser ($55 at gotoskincare.com) is a pinky peach that matches the tub it’s housed in which is good for the eyes and the soul.

It’s got a glorious, bouncy texture and I’d score it a 6/10 on the sniff test. It smells kind of spa-like but in a fresh and less overpowering way than if you were to dunk your head in essential oils.

Swiping it across my face each morning was blissfully easy and felt soothing and cooling on my skin. I surprisingly found it to be super dewy and hydrating but the texture allowed it to melt right into my face. I didn’t have to work hard to get it to disappear and it definitely doesn’t leave any residue, but I wouldn’t say it’s instantly matte either.

I still got a glow and that plumped ‘I’ve just moisturised’ look after applying (which I like), and for me the mattifying benefits came into effect later.

On the days I wore makeup, it provided a really good base because it wasn’t too heavy or made my skin sweat. You know when you put on a heavy cream and then a few hours later your makeup is melting in your oily patches? This didn’t do that!  

It smoothed and hydrated my skin but it didn’t add an extra layer of unnecessary moisture that my skin didn’t need. 

Final verdict

If you’ve got combination skin like me, you’d probably love this as a day moisturiser. I’ll still be reaching for something richer at night (or layering with an oil) but for under makeup and keeping shine at bay it does a great job. Oh and just wait until summer! It’ll probably get the call up again once the sweat season hits my face.

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