Hair lamination just became a thing

Hair Lamination Is The New Treatment For Shiny Locks

Next level shine, coming right up

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / January 23 2020

You've already laminated your brows, now you can also laminate your locks. The ‘hair lamination’ treatment is taking off thanks to its ability to deliver downright dazzling mirror shine.

Check it out:

Mesmerising! So how does it work?

Similarly to the 'eyebrow lamination' trend that burst onto the scene last year, the treatment works by covering the hair in a thin layer of ‘laminate’ – being gelatin, keratin and oils.

If you’re thinking it sounds similar to keratin hair straightening, there are a couple of key differences to note.

Although keratin hair straightening last for a few months, they can be pricey. Hair lamination is a cheaper, short-term option that only lasts a couple of weeks. Think of it more as a quick fix option for when you’re wanting to up your hair’s shine for a big event.

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Main image credit: @maryphillips

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