2 top hairstylists share the one hair mistake that drives them both crazy

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The good news? It’s easy to rectify

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 18 2018

When it comes to our hair, we want it to look on point…but also like we didn’t do a single thing to it. That’s why we spend so much money at the hairdressers and so much time getting it looking just right every morning. But it seems one little mistake could be hindering our best efforts to get ‘I woke up like this’ hair. In two recent exclusive interviews with us, iconic hairstylists Sam McKnight – the man who’s styled the locks of Kate Moss to the late Princess Diana – as well as Lauren Conrad’s and Lucy Hale’s go-to stylist, Kristin Ess, both revealed the top hair mistake that drives them crazy. 

The hair faux pas in question? Not brushing out your curls.

“It drives me crazy when people don’t brush out their curls. At least comb them out with your fingers – just do something! Nothing’s worse than leaving your curls looking like Pad Thai,” explains Ess. McKnight agrees, saying “I think overdoing it with too many curls that are rigid and not brushed out is the top mistake I see”. He adds, “those extended ringlets look really old fashioned, a little bit forced and a little bit fake these days”. Brushing out your curls will soften their shape for a much more natural-looking finish.

To avoid what McKnight calls ‘over-the-top styling’ when it comes to your curls, ensure you either run your fingers through your curls or brush through the mid-lengths to ends to make them less pronounced. While you can use anything from your standard hairbrush to a wide toothed comb to do so, we love using a soft boar bristle brush as the natural bristles will glide through your hair and soften your curls without damaging your strands. Three of our favourites are Christophe Robin Travel Hairbrush, Mason Pearson Handy Single Bristle Boar Brush and Cloud Nine Pin Bristle Padding Brush.

Christophe Robin Travel Hairbrush

Mason Pearson Handy Single Bristle Boar Brush

Cloud Nine Pin Bristle Padding Brush

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