This shampoo and conditioner tackles dandruff AND nourishes strands so you don’t have to compromise

Here’s what our Review Crew® had to say about this multi-tasking hair care range

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / June 28 2022

The product

Sick of having to compromise between anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner and nourished hair? 

Head & Shoulders Supreme 0% Purify & Volume Shampoo and Head & Shoulders Supreme 0% Purify & Volume Conditioner couple powerful anti-dandruff ingredients with a nourishing blend of aloe vera, argan oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil to effectively banish dandruff and promote your most healthy looking hair yet. 

Here’s what our panel of Review Crew® testers had to say about this multi-tasking shampoo and conditioner.

The panel

Beauty Crew sent Head & Shoulders Supreme 0% Purify & Volume Shampoo and Head & Shoulders Supreme 0% Purify & Volume Conditioner to a panel of women aged 18 and older with experience moderate dandruff and a flaky scalp. 

The lowdown

Here’s what the Review Crew® loved about Head & Shoulders Supreme 0% Purify & Volume Shampoo and Head & Shoulders Supreme 0% Purify & Volume Conditioner.

The way it left hair smoother, softer and glossy: The aloe vera and plant oil-infused formula helped to nourish strands, leaving them feeling soft and smooth, and looking glossy. 

It gave effective relief from dandruff: Reviewers with particularly persistent dandruff and scalp flakiness said they noticed a minimisation in their scalp issues with continued use of shampoo and conditioner. 

The value for money: A lot of our reviewers pay top dollar for medicated dandruff relief, but they said this was the first time they were able to rely on a supermarket shampoo and conditioner. 

The verdict

“Head directly to the supermarket for this product. I loved it. I have a love hate relationship with shampoos and conditioners - most leave my hair with oily roots and dry ends. Not this one. I found that a very small amount went a long way - it was rich and creamy. It had a gorgeous fragrance which I loved. The end result was hair that was smoother, glossier and easier to manage. I noticed a reduction in visible flakes especially during combing or brushing. My son has decided he likes it so much that he is also using it daily. I felt that the shampoo and conditioner complimented each other well. I think the benefits would not have been as noticeable if I had only used just one or the other.”
Rhonda D
REVIEWcrew® Member
“I wasn’t sure if it would really add volume, but I was pleasantly surprised! First of all I have highlights in my hair. This shampoo really made the color look so vibrant; like the day I left the salon. After having a baby two years ago I’ve noticed my hair is becoming finer. After using this shampoo I noticed a huge difference. It actually did add volume! Combined with the conditioner my hair had a lot of volume again and didn’t look fine at all! I also love the scent. I will definitely be buying this product again and recommend it to others!”
Voodoo C
REVIEWcrew® Member
“Wow. I used this head and shoulders conditioner with the shampoo and I absolutely loved it! What a beautiful colourful bottle. You don’t need to use much of the product to coat your hair entirely so it’s great value. It smells amazing and leaves your hair smelling great too, even my husband commented on how nice my hair smelled after it dried. My hair felt so soft and was really easy to brush and style, it had a little more volume than usual but wasn’t frizzy. I suffer from dandruff and need to use a medical grade anti dandruff shampoo and conditioner but I found that since using this product my dandruff hasn’t returned at all. It’s awesome to finally use a nice conditioner.”
Ashlee L
REVIEWcrew® Member
“Similarly to the matching shampoo, only a small amount of conditioner was required, even for my daughter's long and very thick hair. I was particularly excited to try the conditioner on my daughter's hair, as she has a very flaky scalp and a lot of loose dandruff. The conditioner went on easily and made it simple to comb out any knots. It left her hair silky and smooth. And most importantly, after only one wash with the shampoo and conditioner, the dandruff in my daughter's hair was significantly reduced. Unfortunately, I didn't have the same luck with the itchiness of my own scalp after using it for a week but I would still repurchase this product if only for use in my daughter's hair.”
Rebecca T
REVIEWcrew® Member

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