5 F45 workout moves for him

Up the ante on your fitness with this do-anywhere circuit

Men's Health Senior Writer/Editor / April 11 2016

If you’re bored with your everyday workout then F45 will shake things up for you. It’s uber intense, combining high-intensity interval training with functional training, but the results will make the pain worth the gain. Here are F45 Athletic Director Daniel Conn’s top five moves for developing strength, agility, speed, power and balance.

Complete them as a circuit – 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off – for a fierce full-body workout. Do three complete circuits, resting for two minutes between each.


Sled push and pull

Attach a 10m length of rope to a weighted sled. Standing at the end of the rope, drop into a squat and pull the sled towards you using a hand-over-hand motion. Once the sled’s within arm’s reach, grab the handles and drive it forward 10m. No sled? Do a 10m bear crawl forward and back.


Ladder jumps

Place a rope ladder on a flat stretch of ground. From a standing start, both feet on the ground, jump forward two rungs, then jump back one rung. Repeat this pattern for the full length of the ladder.


Lateral fast feet

Place five cones in a line. Taking lateral (sideways) steps, move the length of the cones. Drive your knees high with each step and keep your movement light and fast. Once you reach the end of the cones, drop into a push-up, then repeat.


Bosu ball chest press

Lie with your shoulders on a Bosu ball, your hips raised and your knees bent at 90°. Holding a pair of dumbbells, palms facing away from you, drive them straight above your chest. No Bosu ball? Do push-ups with your feet raised on a Swiss ball or a chair.


Battle ropes Bosu jump

Standing with your feet either side of a Bosu ball, grab a pair of light battle ropes. Bend slightly forward from the hips and pump the ropes with alternating hands while jumping your feet on and off the ball. No battle ropes? Do single-leg burpees with push-ups.

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