How to apply false lashes without messing up

How To Apply False Lashes

Because there couldn’t be a more perfect time to learn

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / April 28 2020

How often do you have time to practice the things that you struggle with when it comes to your beauty routine? The answer is never. Being stuck at home during this global pandemic has meant many of us have finally started to do all the things we said we’d do when we “got the time”.

Whether it be perfecting the eyeliner flick, learning how to do our brows or *finally* learning how to apply false lashes – because LBH, it’s so much harder than it looks! To help you get started with the latter, we’ve pulled together a few tips so you can come out of iso knowing how to apply false lashes like a pro.

The toolkit

First up, you’ll need a set of falsies. We used Ardell Faux Mink Wispies in Black. You’ll also need some lash glue to hold the whole shebang together, like Duo Striplash Adhesive Dark. For ease of application, we had a pair of tweezers on-hand (Modelrock False Eyelash Applicator). We also brought in a liquid liner (Maybelline New York Tattoo Studio Liquid Ink Liner) and a volumising mascara (we used Covergirl Exhibitionist Uncensored Mascara), as well as a pair of eyelash curlers (Sportsgirl Beauty Fake It Till You Make It Eyelash Curler did the trick).


Trim the strips

Start by measuring the strip of lashes against your actual eyelid and trim off the excess (not while holding it against your eye – obvs!). Remember, you can use the extra bit to stack on top of your lash strip on the outer corners for more volume, or keep them on-hand for those days when you just want a teeny boost.


Apply lash glue to each strip

Be strategic here, guys. You’re going to want to avoid squirting a big glob of glue on willy nilly and just sticking it on your eyelid. Instead, apply a very thin layer of glue to the false lash strip and allow 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky. During that 30 seconds, bend each strip in half and allow the ends to touch – this ensures the adhesive is spread evenly, so your lashes won’t lift at the ends.


Apply directly to your lash line

Using tweezers, apply the strip as close as possible to your lash line. We find that looking downwards into a mirror helps us get it as close as possible close to our lash line – but do whatever you find the most comfortable. Once you have it in the right spot, gently press into place with the flat end of the tweezers, or your finger.


Swipe on some liquid liner

Now you’ve got your lashes on (you killed it by the way!), cover the lash band with some liquid liner so your lashes appear natural. Draw a line from the inner corner to the outer edge of your eye (you can add a lil flick if you wanna get fancy).


Curl lashes

For a little extra oomph, open your lash curler and position your lashes between the two sides of the curler. Gently press the curler closed for a few seconds. Repeat if necessary.


Apply mascara

Apply a swipe of mascara through the bottom and top lashes for extra volume and definition.

The final look

And there you go! How to apply falsies like a total pro.

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Erin Docherty is a Beauty Writer for BEAUTYcrew, Beauty Editor for Women's Health magazine and a Grooming Writer for Men's Health magazine. She has a keen interest in cosmeceutical skin care and is currently working on minimising her 9-step skin care routine – because ain’t nobody got time for that. When she’s not writing about the latest beauty news, or applying copious amounts of serum, you can find her spending all her money in Sephora.