Tips for applying eyeshadow according to your eye shape

How To Apply Your Eyeshadow According To Your Eye Shape - Gigi Hadid

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Adjusting the placement of your eyeshadow to suit the proportions of your eyes will ensure your end result is the most flattering for you. Check out the four variations below, choose the eye shape that best describes you, and begin fine-tuning your eye makeup look.


If your lid and under-brow are
 in proportion

Firstly, apply a light eyeshadow shade to the lid. Then, use a medium-tone shadow just above the crease, gradually darkening from the outer edge of the eye to bring it ‘up and out’.


If you have a small lid and small under-brow area

Apply a light tone to the entire under-brow area. Use a darker shadow on the outer third of the lid, blending gently upwards towards the outer end of the brow.


If you have a prominent lid but small under-brow

Apply a light eyeshadow to your eyelid, under-brow and crease. Next, use a darker colour on the outer third of the under-brow area, blending gently towards
 the outer end of the brow.
 To make the lid recede, apply a medium neutral shadow to the inner two-thirds of lid. Don’t apply to crease if it’s dark and sunken.


If you have a small lid and large under-brow area

Blend a light-hued shadow over the lid and under-brow section. Then apply a darker shade in the form of a half-moon just above the crease to sculpt and minimise the look of your under-brow gap. This will ‘open’ your eyes and keep them from appearing droopy.

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