Clean-shave facial hair like a pro

Say goodbye to unsightly bumps, and hello to a super-smooth face

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / July 05 2016

Shaving your face sounds easy enough, right? It may seem like a straight-forward task, but it turns out most guys still can’t get it right, according to Steve Handyside, barber of MANKiND. So, in order to banish nicks, bumps and ingrowns once and for all, follow this guide for the best clean-shave you’ve ever had.


Remove some hair

Prepare the area. If you have lots of facial hair, use some clippers to eliminate some of the hair first.


Splash your face

Wet the area with some warm water. A damp surface will soften the skin and facial hair, which will make it easier to cut.


Add shaving cream

Apply shaving cream, such as Dermalogica Soothing Shave Cream, provide a perfect surface for the blade to glide over.

“Cream formulas are great for fine to medium hair types,” says Steve Handyside, barber of MANKiND. “If you have medium to coarse hair, a gel is great for softening the surface prior to shaving.” 


TOP TIP: If you run out of shaving cream, try using hair conditioner instead - it will create the same “slip” effect, and is gentle enough on skin to use.


Grab a blade

Start with a new blade, like Gillette Fusion ProGlide with Flexball Technology. It’s really important to be using a fresh blade to avoid causing trauma to the skin, and there’s nothing like turning up to work with awkward nicks along your chin from using a blunt blade. You’ll know to change your razor when you feel it tug across your face.


Shave it off

Time to shave. To avoid cutting your skin, use light and gentle strokes, starting from the sides of your face, and finishing around the mouth.

“You should always follow the direction of hair growth,” says Handyside. “If you go the opposite way, it can cause irritation or shaving rash, which will lead to ingrowns. If you are looking for a closer shave, then shave with the direction of the hair, and then 90 degrees across the direction of the hair. Always remember to reapply your shaving cream or gel after the first direction.”

“You should always have tension on the skin no matter what type of shave you are doing, as it just provides a smoother result. So instead of pressing down hard, pull the skin taut with your fingers for a closer shave.”

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