The new trick for concealing pimples

One simple step to keep your zits hidden all day long

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

Let’s be frank: pimples are nobody’s friend. We don’t like them. We never will. And despite our best efforts to cover them with perfectly blended concealer, they always seem to rear their ugly heads again come lunchtime.

But what if I told you a clever Reddit user has an ingenious makeup trick to help ensure this never happens again? Ever. 

Because the skin on and surrounding a pimple is often a little stretched and shiny, concealer alone doesn’t stick well or stay put for long. So, before applying colour correcting products or concealer on her blemishes, this makeup genius smooths eye primer over the affected area. 

Yes, the secret to concealer that sticks is eye primer. 

When choosing the right eye primer for the job, try a drier eyeshadow primer over a regular face primer because the tackiness and texture of the product helps the concealer adhere strongly to the skin and keeps the area matte.

Follow this by applying a concealer, powder and setting spray, and your pimple will stay concealed all day long. 

Simple. Easy. Effective. 

3 eye primers to try: Face of Australia Stay On Eye Primer; Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye-Fix PrimerDior Backstage Eye Primer

Face of Australia Stay On Eye Primer

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye-Fix Primer

Dior Backstage Eye Primer

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