Essential makeup tips for every Girlboss

Pro tips every woman should know

Beauty Crew Editor / March 24 2017

We all know that experimenting with makeup is fun. Playing with colours (orange eyeshadow, anyone?), textures and even the latest viral beauty trends (we’re looking at you pencil technique) is half the reason we all can’t resist stocking up on the newest launches and those cult beauty products.

But makeup can be incredibly empowering, too. Not only can it help you express exactly who you are, but – as makeup artist and MAC collection creator James Kaliardos puts it – “It can be used as a secret weapon.”

Kaliardos, who has worked with the likes of Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama and is a huge advocate for female empowerment, says of the power of makeup: “It’s fun. But it can also make you look pulled together. It’s like a good haircut on a guy, you know what I mean? It does make a change in how people perceive you.”

So here are his tips for the ultimate Girlboss makeup.


Define your brows

“Strengthening the eyebrow is really an incredible tool for looking more powerful. And for looking more in control and in command. So I would say if you want get something across at work or get a raise or [go to] a job interview, strengthening the brow is a really key element,” says Kaliardos.

Try: Lancôme Le Sourcil Pro Gel

Lancôme Le Sourcil Pro Gel for brows


Ditch the glitter and gloss

Kaliardos recommends saving your high-shine and sparkling products for the weekend. When it comes to your Girlboss endeavours, “Don’t wear too much glitter or gloss.” Instead, he recommends opting for matte or cream finishes that can add a polished finish to your makeup look. A bold lip colour also doesn’t hurt.

Try: MAC James Kaliardos Lipstick in Bloodstone

MAC James Kaliardos Lipstick in Bloodstone


Keep your foundation looking natural

According to Kaliardos, you want your makeup - especially your foundation - to look sleek and polished, not overdone. So instead of wearing a ‘mask’ of foundation, opt for lighter, more natural coverage and make sure to dedicate time to a flawless blending session.

“Spending 30 seconds more to smooth everything out makes you just look more refined,” says Kaliardos.

Try: Rae Morris Brush 26: Radiance

Rae Morris Radiance brush

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