Chris Appleton's secret for faking big eyes is genius

Albeit a little ick

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / July 22 2020

Using a bit of makeup trickery to make your eyes look larger is an age-old beauty lover secret – a tale as old as time you could say. So, when celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton shared his no-makeup necessary secret to big, bright, beautiful peepers during a recent interview with WhoWhatWear, we were all ears. 

The secret Chris revealed is (drumroll please): eye drops. Specifically, Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops, as Chris explained, “it shrinks the blood vessels in your eye, making your eyes look really wide, and it literally makes your eyes sparkle.” 

"Before quarantine, I was using this all the time for shoots, and it's a secret little recipe,” he said. “For anyone who wants brighter eyes, just one drop of this stuff in each eye is magic. 

The tip is a great one to remember for special occasions – particularly events with open bars and a click happy professional photographer. Or for the day after at brunch if things get really blurry. Thank you Chris you do not know how much we needed this. 

"I think the eyes are the biggest giveaway when you're tired, so for me, this is a lifesaver. I haven't been using it during quarantine because I've been getting a lot of sleep, but for anyone who wants brighter eyes, or has bloodshot eyes, or just wants the eye whites to look super-bright, it's a moneymaker."

The more you know, aye.

Check out Chris’ full radiance-enhancing skin care routine below:

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Main image credit: @chrisappleton1

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