6 hacks you need to master if you have straight lashes

Gemma Chan’s mascara tip could save your life

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / April 13 2022

Straight lashes have a mind of their own.

They have zero respect for curling mascaras, a standard eyelash curler is useless, and even waterproof mascara formulas meet their match when they’re up against poker straight eyelashes.

That’s why we rely heavily on the fervent imaginations of the wider beauty community at large.

They stem from the far reaches of the Internet and bring with them unique solutions to everyday problems, such as masterful hacks for wrangling straight eyelashes.

Here are five pearlers that we think you should know about…

Gemma Chan says to switch up your mascara wand

When we were busy compiling a comprehensive list of mascaras celebrities actually use, we stumbled across this absolute gem from straight eyelash-having actress Gemma Chan: 

“I’m lucky I have long lashes, but they’re straight and they’re very fine, so the most important thing to me is to use lash curlers and then find a mascara that holds the curl,” Chan explained to Allure. “I use [Maybelline Falsies Volumizing False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara] ($16.49 at Chemist Warehouse), the one in the purple tube. I use the waterproof version, so it really holds the curl.” 

“Here’s my secret, though: I use the brush from an old Maybelline mascara, the [Maybelline] Define-A-Lash [Lengthening Mascara] formula ($9.62 at Chemist Warehouse). It works perfectly to separate and coat every single lash.”

Maybelline Falsies Volumizing False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara

Maybelline Define-A-Lash Lengthening Mascara

Get a lash lift

Need a more (semi) permanent solution that removes the daily hassle of elevating your lashes?

Haul ass to your local lash technician for a lash lift. 

The chemical curling treatment helps to raise lashes and minimises the risk of afternoon lash limpness. 

A perming solution is applied to lashes, which are then moulded to a curved lid guard to attain that covetable curled look. 

The semi-permanent lash solution is beloved by beauty lovers everywhere, including Go-To founder Zoe Foster Blake, who opts for lash lifts when she’s taking a break from lash extensions.


Using a mini lash curler

TikToker Rio Makino (AKA @rio.makino) shared a bad boy piece of information with her TikTok followers recently. 

The self-professed owner of straight lashes recommended switching to a mini eyelash curler because “it’s small and you can get right in at the root, and you can work in sections.” 

“I have really straight lashes but this curl stays all day,” the TikTok beauty creator assured viewers. 

Want to see the comparison between a regular lash curler and the ingenious mini version? Check out Makino’s review:

Applying mascara to your lash tips

It seems TikTok is the place to go if you’re after beauty hacks for straight eyelashes. 

Liv Pamp (otherwise known as @livpamp on the social platform) stopped applying mascara from root to tip when she realised the process was weighing down her lashes.

The alternative? Applying waterproof mascara to the tips of her lashes only for a natural lash look that’s flattering and low-maintenance.

Get up close and personal with Pamp’s mascara-free lash line here:

Do some lash aerobics with your eyelash curler

After a mini-workout within your makeup routine? Look, probably not. 

But that’s what you’re going to end up achieving after you start flexing and pumping your lashes with this unusual lash curling technique. 

According to TikToker Sierra Cannon (@sierrasky), you’ve been using your eyelash curler incorrectly this whole time. 

Instead of flexing and pressing your lashes a few times using the beauty tool (as you normally would), she recommends heating your lash curler up first. 

Then shimmy that thing to the root of your lash and pulse at the base of the lash hair a few times, while simultaneously rubbing your fingers across the exposed lash tips. 

Lightly pulse the curler through your lashes until you reach the tip of your lash and repeat.

To finish, apply a few coats of waterproof mascara to hold the curl, stamping the long-lasting formula at the base before sweeping through the lengths of your lashes. 

Phew. And there you have it – lovely, long, curled lashes:

Try this cult curling mascara from Japan

The beautiful thing about the digital beauty space is that it makes discovering international beauty products just a little bit easier. 

Case in point? Turns out the Japanese have done their due diligence when it comes to formulating a curling mascara that actually holds a curl.  

According to the folks over at TikTok, KissMe Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara Super Waterproof ($19.47 at iHerb) is a godsend for straight lashes.

Content creator Live From My Vanity took to the platform to give her expert review on the cult formula that promises to hold a curl for up to 10 hours. 

She curled her lashes prior to application (well, duh), and then she layered on two clump-free coats and went about her day. 

The TikToker checked in after five hours of wear and sure enough, her lashes were still pointing sky high. And after 10 hours? Well it turns out that claim was no joke because her lashes were just as curled as they were when she first applied her mascara in the morning. Impressive.

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