Zoë Foster Blake’s advice for always-on-point lashes

Zoë Foster Blake Reveals Her Go-To Treatment For Always-Fluttery Lashes

Just in time for party season

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / August 28 2020

Now, Zoë has done us all a huge favour and has revealed her favourite go-to treatment for maintaining curled, subtly-defined lashes around the clock.

After admitting dramatic lash extensions no longer work with her current beauty look, Zoë revealed she’s now loving lash lifts to subtlety accentuate her lashes.

“After years of lash extensions, I’d forgotten all about lash lifts. But my god, what a difference they make!” Zoe wrote.

Ooh! We can see the difference, too. Not only do Zoë’s lashes look much more curled and lifted, her eyes actually appear brighter and more open thanks to the effect. It also looks like she’s had a deep brown tint applied for added definition.

Explaining why she's moving away from lash extensions, Zoë said: “I think [lash extensions] exist within hair and makeup trends. That is to say, I don’t think fluttery lash extensions work with my neutral makeup and ‘90s bob. Also took them off when I had my curly fringe. I was too much."

But, if you’re a diehard lash extension fan and not ready to give them up yet, try Zoë’s advice for a look that’s subtle but still done to ensure your look remains fresh and current.

“When I do go for lash extensions, I go for volume not length. 8-9mm max. And no lashes on very outer edges, ‘cause it drags my eye down,” Zoë wrote.

With party season now upon us, this advice couldn’t have come at a better time. If your schedule is already looking event-heavy with Christmas drinks and end-of-year soirées, investing in semi-permanent beauty treatments like a lash lift will streamline your beauty routine and have you out the door from the office to after-work events in no time.

Perfect! Less time primping, more time champagne sipping, we say!

If you're looking for more semi-permanent beauty trends to save time this party season, check out brow lamination.

Have you tried a lash lift before? What did you think of the results? Let us know in the comments.

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