8 tips to get the best results from your dry shampoo

How To Get The Best Results From Your Dry Shampoo - Gigi Hadid

This gem of a product is a miracle worker, *if* you use it right

Better Homes and Gardens Better Homes and Gardens Beauty and Lifestyle Editor / January 19 2018

Whether your hair looks fabulous after leaving the salon or you’ve pulled off a great blow-dry yourself, you want it to last, right? Or maybe you’re a busy lady who doesn’t have the time or desire to wash your hair every day – which is a good thing, by the way, for preserving the colour and condition of your locks. Back to the point – in all of these cases dry shampoo is a godsend. It will absorb the grease on your scalp so you can skip a wash, and when it’s sprayed in straight after a blow-dry, it delays the need for you to wash your hair for another day. Hallelujah! 

But as amazing as dry shampoo is, it’s also a product that is widely misused. Here’s how to get the most out of your dry shampoo.


Only use on dry hair

No surprises here: dry shampoo only works on dry hair. So don’t spray it on wet or freshly washed hair.


Choose your shade

Tinted dry shampoos exist, so use a product that’s closest to your hair colour.



Spray it from a distance

Avoid product build-up by keeping the can 15cm away from your scalp.


Apply under layers

Slide a finger through your hair to lift a section and spray the roots. Repeat in sections, moving down from the top of your scalp.


Use after having a blow-dry

If you want a blow-dry to last, spray straight after styling to stay fabulous for days.


Target key areas

When time is tight, focus on the scalp’s T-zone – across the forehead and down the middle part line.


Give it time to absorb the oil

Once you have sprayed, allow dry shampoo to absorb the grease before working it through with your fingertips.


Brush out any white residue

Don’t fret if it looks white initially. Leave it for a few minutes and then comb through any visible residue.

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