The cool-girl half-up braided bun

The cool-girl half-up braided bun - Hailey Baldwin

For a smokin'-without-even-trying look

marie claire Contributor / March 08 2018

Hair out of the face? Carefree topknot? An intricate braid that looks like you put in an effort? This one hairstyle ticks all these common wish list boxes, making it a darn good updo to have up your sleeve for just about any occasion. And so long as you know how to braid, it’s super easy to do yourself, too.


Prep work

Mist dry shampoo to cleanse greasy roots (and add a bit of volume), or, if starting with clean hair, apply an oil, thickening lotion and mousse to towel-dried hair, and use a diffuser to slowly dry off.

TOP TIP: Use day-old texture to create a pretty morning-after-the-party look.


Begin braiding

Using the end of your eyebrows as a guide, fashion a triangle shape at the top of your head. Plait a three-piece braid flat on the head and stop when you reach the back top of your head. Secure with a hair elastic.

The cool-girl half-up braided bun


Create a half-up bun

Twist the hair loosely around the elastic in a neat topknot. Backcomb the lengths beforehand if you want a fuller-looking bun.

The cool-girl half-up braided bun


Texturise the lengths

You can opt for sleek strands like Hailey has (use a straightener and flick the ends in), or mist dry texture spray over the rest of the hair for a slept-in look.

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