How to do a low bun

Sleek and understated, the low bun is perfect for every occasion, from champagne brunches to evening soirees

marie claire Contributor / February 08 2017

“The bun has moved!” announces Renya Xydis, hairstylist, owner of Valonz and Wella ambassador. Fine hair is especially good for this style as “the flatter the hair sits on the scalp, the more prominent the wisps and bun appear." Thicker hair types should use straightening irons to create skinnier strands. Here’s how to style a low bun at home in a few simple steps.


Dry your hair

Blow-dry hair until it is 80 per cent dry, then comb through a dollop of firm-hold foam from roots to ends. 

Blowdry hair


Separate into sections

Divide hair into two equal sections and clip the top half away.

“Use a large flat paddle brush and hairdryer to smooth hair away from the face and towards the back,” explains Anthony Nader, hairstylist and owner of RAW salon. Unclip the top section and do the same.


Smooth hair down

Run a tiny amount of oil through the entire hair, then secure into a low pony at the nape.

Low ponytail


Comb it back

Comb the tail smooth and wrap around the base, keeping it flat rather than ropy, and secure.


Loosen the style

If they haven’t already come loose, use your fingers to coax a few strands out around the hairline.

Low bun

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