The romantic low-slung plait

The chic hairstyle to try on second-day hair

Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / June 02 2016

Are you on the hunt for a hairstyle that takes an everyday plait and amps up the wow factor? This elegant-in-a-flash hairstyle is romantic yet playful. The front offers a face framing softness, while at the back, the fishtail-turn-plait braid gives you a modern edge.

This hairstyle works for day, but do it justice and throw on a LBD and wear it on a night out with a bold, cherry lip like Lily Donaldson.


Create a clean but textured base

Texture is key to preserve the ethereal nature of this style. Prep damp just-washed hair with a mousse - it will help prevent your loose plait from falling out during the day. Blow-dry your hair so it is a little bouncy, but has a smooth finish.


Create a semi-centre part

Don't centre-part the whole way down; just at the front. Bring the sides loosely over your ears and towards the nape of the neck. Comb the rest of your hair backwards to also meet at the nape. Backcomb if needed, to add some more volume at the back.


Start with a fishtail braid

The first section of this plait is actually a fishtail braid. If you need a refresher course in fishtail braiding, follow our step-by-step guide. Keep your fishtail tight and braid down to the base of the neck only. 


End with a plait

Loosely plait the rest of the lengths, this time keeping the braid loose and relaxed. Secure the ends with elastic and spritz with hairspray to ensure that sophisticated smooth finish stays put all day.

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