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Beauty Crew Contributor / December 02 2016

While we were sad to see Jennifer Lawrences platinum bob go in recent weeks, the actress has been quick to give us major hair envy with her new long hair length. We cannot get enough of her inside out French braid (also known as a Dutch braid) from her as press tour for her latest movie, Passengers. We predict this do is about to become your go-to hairstyle for summer, so heres how to copy it.


Start with wet hair

To create the tousled texture and volume that is crucial for this do, you need to start when the hairs wet. Add a styling mousse or gel so your strands are easier to shape and style once dry. Try: Garnier Fructis Style Hydra Curls Curl Control Mousse


Add texture

Once your hair is dry, use a curling tong to create texture. Grab medium sized pieces of hair and wrap them around the tong. The nice thing about this hairstyle is that it doesnt matter too much if the curls arent all perfect. If you only have a straightener on hand, follow our tips for how to get your curling technique right.

Try: ghd Classic Wave Wand


Braid away

Dont start too close to the crown of your head. Like J.Law, start your braid at the back, not on top. For the braiding technique, its similar to a regular French braid but instead of taking the sections over the top of one another as youre bringing them into the braid, take them underneath, bringing hair from the root each time. The goal is for the braid to stay raised on top of the head, so keep that in mind as youre bringing hair into it.


Loosen it up

Braiding is much easier to do when youre working with taught hair so pull firmly as you braid but once finished, use your fingers to mess up and loosen your braided creation. In the loosening process if any curls slip out, dont stress. It adds to the undone look of the hairstyle.



Finish it off

Use a generous spritz of hairspray or finishing spray over the whole head and use a sneaky bobby pin or two to help hold your loose braid together, if needed. Try:TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray


For more ways to plait and braid your hair, here's our definitive guide to braids

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