Celebrity facialist Dr. Barbara Sturm swears by milk baths for exfoliation

Got milk?

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / November 01 2023

For most people, their summertime body care routine consists of a weekly pre-tan exfoliating ritual that includes a hydrating body wash, a gentle (but effective) body scrub, and a body moisturiser that banishes dry skin in an instant. 

But according to Dr. Barbara Sturm (celebrity facialist, aesthetic doctor and founder of Dr. Barbara Sturm skin care), we might be missing out on a vital step that has benefits for the body, as well as the mind. 

In a recent interview with Forbes, Dr Sturm dished that she loves to incorporate regular milk baths into her body care routine. 

“I love taking a milk bath. They are full of nourishing vitamins and minerals [such as] vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps support cell function and skin health and zinc, which holds anti-inflammatory properties, [and] is ideal for soothing and healing skin,” she told the publication. 

“Milk also contains lactic acid, which acts as a mild exfoliant, and its fat and protein content nourishes and smooths adult skin,” she continued. 

How to make a milk bath

If you’d like to make a milk bath at home, rest assured you won’t have to clear out your supermarket and buy a bathtub-sized portion of milk. All it takes is a cup or two added to warm bath water to do the trick. 

Dr Sturm adds whole milk and dark honey (“the darker honey has higher antioxidant properties”) to hers, but if you’d rather do away with animal products altogether, coconut milk is a great hydrating alternative as it contains high quantities of lactic acid, vitamins C and E, and anti-ageing copper peptides. 

You can also add some of your favourite bathing accoutrements such as epsom salts and essential oils to customise the experience to your personal tastes. Dr Sturm actually likes to pair her milk bath with “highly meditative and relaxing” audio like a sound bath or healing frequencies.

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