The backstage trick that instantly makes thick hair appear weightless

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The handy technique you’ll be using all summer

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 31 2018

While many people with thin hair would do just about anything for thick, luscious locks, the grass isn’t necessarily always greener on the other side. Those with thick hair know all too well that although their mounds of hair might look lovely and healthy, it can take ages to style, generally ends up looking poufy rather than sleek, and leaves you feeling hot and sticky throughout the warmer months. Luckily, International Session Stylist and TIGI Brand Ambassador, Michele McQuillan revealed to us in an exclusive interview her quick and easy trick to make thick hair appear weightless. 

This trick is often used backstage at fashion shows and is really simple. “All you need to do is create a really flat ponytail using the underside of your hair, before leaving the rest of your hair loose,” she says. It’s a technique that makes your hair look and feel lighter and one that enables you to enjoy the look of loose hair even on days when the mercury is pushing 30 degrees and above.

By hiding a small section of hair out of the way at the nape of your neck, you’re able to create the illusion of thinner strands. McQuillan also adds that this is “a great idea for those with really thick hair who don’t want to have to wear their hair up all summer”.   

McQuillan notes the top thing you need to remember when copying the look for yourself is to ensure you create “a really tight ponytail that sits flush to the back of your neck; and that you leave enough hair out of the ponytail to keep your overall style looking natural”. Yep, it’s that easy!

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