Master the at-home blow-dry

Definitely the best beauty trick you’ll learn this month

Girlfriend Beauty & Features Editor / June 16 2016

Its one of the most important hairstyling techniques a girl should know how to do, and yet theres so many of us that still struggle. Its time to fix that, stat. Heres how to master the at-home blow-dry once and for all. Nothing but good hair from here on.


Clean and prep your hair

Up the it-looks-like-the-hairdresser-did-it-but-they-didn’t factor by double shampooing your hair before styling (the first wash targets the dirt in your hair and the second your scalp). Towel-dry and apply a heat protection product – particularly important if you’re blow-drying your hair like this on the regular.

Try: Kiehl’s Rice & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo 


Use a high heat

Grab your hairdryer and put it on the hottest setting. Warm air equals texture, body and bounce! Pop your hair in a topknot (make friends with a large clip), bringing down sections one at a time to wrap around a barrel-shaped brush. Hold the dryer about 5cm away from your hair and blast as you slowly comb through your entire head.

Try: Lady Jayne Salon Professional Ceramic Thermal Radial Brush


Seal it with a cool blast

Finish up by flicking your hairdryer to its cool setting, flipping your hair upside down and blasting your hair from the roots to the ends. The cold air will seal your blow-dry and make it last forever (OK, so more like a day).

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