3 ways to up your brow game

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Beauty Crew Editor / May 01 2017

Well-groomed, defined brows are the secret to a polished beauty look every time. But are you filling in, defining and styling your brows to their full potential? 

Here we show you three different (and incredibly easy) ways you can up your brow game.



Think of this as your naturally bare brow, just a bit better. For this look, it’s all about keeping the texture and shape of your natural brow, while enhancing the colour and shape by adding some definition. You still want to see some fluffiness, and the best way to do this is with a brow crayon that’ll add soft definition while ensuring your brow looks ‘undone’. 

Revlon ColorStay™ Brow Crayon is excellent for daily use to subtly fill and enhance your brows. Pick a shade that best suits your brow hair and with a light hand, subtly fill in and define your brows by gliding the crayon over the hairs. Start at the fuller end and work towards your tip. The sheer wax-to-powder formula is buildable so layer the colour as you need to get your ideal brow look.

Natural brow look
TOP TIP: Complement your natural brow with a soft gold or neutral eyeshadow across your lid, a lined top lash line, and a coat of lash-defining mascara.



A technique that works on all brow shapes and sizes, the feathered brow has become the latest brow trend, and it’s no wonder why. A simple routine of filling in, brushing up, styling and setting will leave your brows expertly groomed and defined without looking like you’ve done all that much. 

Master this look by using a combo of a pencil and brush-on gel. Revlon ColorStay™ Brow Fantasy has you covered for both, with a pencil at one end that’s perfect for enhancing your brows, and the tinted brush-on gel a winner when it comes to combing and setting the style. Start by using gentle upward strokes with the pencil to add depth and enhance your brows. Then, use the tinted brow gel and brush your brows up. Start at the full end, and work your way to the tip, brushing up and out as you go. The gel will ensure the hairs stay in place all day.

Feathered brow
TOP TIP: Finish your feathered look with a bronzed smoky eye made up of chocolate and nude tones in metallic finishes, with some gold placed at the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes pop.



Opt for maximum definition for this power brow – the trick is ensuring you still maintain a natural finish that doesn’t look like you’ve taken a Sharpie to your face. 

To give your brows this balance of natural definition, use a pencil with an angled tip for optimal control when enhancing your angles. Use Revlon Colorstay™ Brow Pencil to trace and fill in your brows with the flat end of the tip. Creating short hair-like strokes will help you maintain that natural feel, and if you’d like to create the bold definition, layer your colour until you’re happy with the intensity. When it comes to defining the tail, turn your pencil so you can trace the top and bottom line of your brow with the longest side, making sure the two lines meet at a point. Once you’ve done that, use the handy spoolie on the other end of the pencil to help brush your brows into shape and blend away any harsh lines at the same time.

Bold brow
TOP TIP: Finish off your power brow with a fierce flick and lashings of mascara.

Natural, feathered or full, you can use Revlon’s new Colorstay™ Brow Collection to create the perfect arch.

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