6 ways he should be looking after his skin

It may seem unnecessarily hard work, but trust us - it's worth it

Men's Health Contributor / April 11 2016

You may consider yourself a low-maintenance man: eat, sleep, lift, repeat. And there’s no doubt that eating well and exercising often can help sculpt a ripped physique, but none of it counts if your grooming routine is pretty much redundant.

Here, we reveal the six ways you should be looking after your skin. Hey, Zoolander would do it.


Make sure your skin is hydrated

Slap on a layer of Nivea Men Crème body moisturiser to avoid skin dehydration caused by air-con, saltwater, chlorinated pools and excessive consumption of beer.




Tend to those nicks and cuts

Loaded with antibacterial tea tree, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Body Bar soap bar will help heal any nicks and scabs, drunken injuries or rogue carpet burns marring your otherwise flawless physique.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Body Bar


Shave with a good razor

Talk about budget cuts – 36 per cent of guys who shave their groin hair are using the same razor upstairs and down. Please stop. Immediately. Gillette Body Razor navigates undercarriages, chests and legs like a pro.


Deal with your ingrown hairs

Body shaving can cause ingrown hairs, particularly if you have naturally curly or coarse body hair, says dermatologist Dr Joanne See. Don't ignore them- they'll just get worse. Blitz bumps with a product containing salicylic acid, like Malin + Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream.

Malin + Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream


Ditch the body acne

Biggest cause of male body acne? Long, hot showers post-workout, says See. Stick to short, cool showers. Another trick – keep pores on your back and shoulders from clogging with a rotating cleansing brush, like ClarisonicSmart Profile.


Don’t forget the deodorant

Always spray before you run – underarm friction breaks the seal of microcapsules in Rexona Motionsense antiperspirant, releasing bursts of crowd-pleasing fragrance while you work out. Plus, the formula will nourish your underarm skin. Win-win.

Rexona Motionsense

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