This DIY measurement test will determine whether short hair will suit you

Better to know before you snip

Editor / August 18 2021

We love a short hair moment as much as the next person. From the ever-popular bob haircuts to pixie hairstyles, there’s plenty of chops to choose from if you’re looking for a change.

But if you’ve never cut your hair short before (or it’s been a while), saying goodbye to your long mane can be daunting. You could go down the route of trying a mid-length cut first to see if you like it, however, sometimes it’s better to dive right in – especially if you’re looking to donate your hair like Harry Styles.

So how can you tell if short hair will suit you before committing? You could try on some virtual hairstyles, tuck your lengths into a hoodie and check yourself out in the mirror, OR you could try this quick measurement trick from TikToker Bondenavant.

What you'll need:

Two pencils and a measuring tape.

Step 1.

Place the first pencil horizontally underneath your chin.

Step 2.

Place the second pencil vertically from the base of your ear, creating a right angle between the two pencils.

Step 3.

Measure the distance between the base of your ear to the corner where the pencils meet.

The verdict

"If the distance is greater than two and a quarter inches, then longer hair looks good on you,” according to Bondenavant. “If it’s shorter than two and a quarter inches, then short hair will look good on you.”

She doesn’t exactly explain the theory behind her math equation but considering where the measurement is taken, we presume it helps to determine whether the cut will suit the shape and length of your jawline.

Main image credit: Getty

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