How one of the world’s biggest beauty companies is making a stand for women

L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women In Science Award Fellows 2018

Did someone say girl power?

Beauty Crew Editor / November 16 2018

We’ve all tried, loved and repurchased a product from L’Oréal. Even if you don’t think you have, we guarantee your beauty kit has at least one much-loved product from the beauty powerhouse (did you know that the global beauty giant has a whopping 28 brands in its stable in Australia and 34 globally?) That cult Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation you swear by? L’Oréal. The Urban Decay Naked Palette you can’t live without? L’Oréal. The Essie Ballet Slippers nail polish you apply religiously every Sunday? Yep, L’Oréal again. 

Every single one of those products in every one of those 28 brands has a strong foundation in research and science (that’s why they’re so good), but did you know that L’Oréal’s investment in science doesn’t just stop at creating those products you use on the daily? They’re actually investing in women in science, too. 

Yep, one of the world’s biggest beauty companies has long been a supporter of women and their contribution to science, research and maths. Back in 1998, the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellowship program was created, and here in Australia it’s now in its 12th year. 

Each year the program recognises the most outstanding female scientific researchers in Australia and New Zealand and aims to highlight the increasing importance of ensuring greater participation of women in science. So not only is it all about supporting and recognising these incredibly accomplished women researchers and the work they do in fields like engineering, robotics, space, health and so many more areas, but it’s also about encouraging and inspiring a younger generation to pursue their ambitions in a field that’s so male-dominated. 

This year’s awards recognised the amazing work of five women – Kristy Short, a virologist discovering the link between influenza and obesity; Airlie Chapman, a mechanical engineer working on bridging the gap between humans and robots; Katarina Miljkovic, a planetary scientist who is the sole Australian collaborator on NASA’s InSight mission to Mars; Asha Bowen, a clinical researcher looking to help end skin disease for Australia’s indigenous children; and Stefanie Zollman, a computer scientist exploring the possibilities of augmented reality.     

The next time you’re expertly blending in your IT Cosmetics CC Cream and finishing with a slick of L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes, we give you full permission to embrace the warm and fuzzies that come with knowing that the products you’re using are not only founded in science, but that the company behind them believes *so* strongly in women in science and how they can contribute to progress.


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