The account that saves you from choosing the wrong lip colour

Never make a bad purchase again

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 25 2017

It’s an age-old dilemma whereby you see a stunning lipstick colour on a friend, a celebrity or a model and want to try it for yourself. However, when you put it on, the colour just looks wrong.

It might clash with your colouring, leave your lips looking smaller, or make your teeth appear decidedly yellow. Regardless of the outcome, you’re annoyed.

It comes as brilliant news then that two New York based friends, Piaget “Pia” Ventus and Michelle Meredith, have created an Instagram account Will It Look Good On Me Tho to show how dissimilar the same lipstick shade can look on both dark and light skin tones. Pia is African American with dark hair, while Michelle is Caucasian with freckles and blonde hair, so together the pair offer a stark contrast to help you get a good feel for a colour and whether or not it will suit you.

Whilst the pair only began the project six weeks ago, they already have over 8000 followers and have shared pictures of themselves wearing reds, nudes, pinks, purples, brown, greens and blues – all from a variety of brands (both high-end and pharmacy). Their account ultimately allows us to get an idea of what a particular lipstick shade would look like on a dark and light skin tone without needing to fork out any money. It’s genius!  

Although we’d love to see other accounts like this pop up to increase the range of skin tones represented, we’re totally on board with the idea that one shade certainly doesn’t fit all and can’t wait to see what colours they compare next.

Image credit: @willitlookgoodonmetho

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