Is Kim Kardashian’s strange go-to smoothie ingredient the next big thing in healthy eating?

Is Kim Kardashian’s Strange Smoothie Ingredient Health’s Next Big Thing


Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / May 30 2019

If you follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram, you’ll know she’s very generous when it comes to sharing her diet and workout tips with her fans.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star doesn’t hold back when it comes to posting on Instagram and she’s constantly uploading snaps of her latest health and wellness exploits. And considering she’s the owner of that body, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Internet is lapping up any secrets she divulges.

Last month Kimmy K posted a series of photos on her Instagram Stories, declaring, “I am eating all plant-based when I am home”. So far, we’ve seen a lot of acai bowls, roasted vegetables and, of course, avocado – pretty standard vegan-fare!

Until today when Kim uploaded a pic of this quirky number:

Sea moss? In a smoothie?!

Could this be the next big health craze?

Considering Kim K’s mega online reach, we’ve got an inkling that sales for sea moss are about to skyrocket…at a minimum.

But what’s the deal with sea moss anyway? Well, according to our research, the algae (also known as Irish moss) carries high nutritional benefits and is said to offer a variety of health benefits including thyroid support, aiding digestive health and fortifying the immune system.

Might be worth a try!

If you’d like more Kim-approved diet advice, check out our story on what Kim Kardashian eats in a day.

Would you try a sea moss smoothie? Let us know in the comments.

Main image credit: @kimkardashian


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