Toners are making a comeback, Kim Kardashian says so

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Content Producer / September 08 2023

Ever the trend savant, it may come as no surprise that Kim Kardashian is also heralding the toner revolution. When introducing her own skin care range SKKN, she spoke about her love of the post-cleansing product.

“I wish I had started using a toner earlier,” she said. “I always thought toners were just bulls**t and I thought that they were just like water on your face. I never understood it.”

“I realised that it helps balance out your skin and even out your skin tone so I do wish I started using a toner earlier in life.”

This notion has also been backed by skin care experts. In a viral video, licensed esthetician @skinbyliss shared both herself and her clients’ “simple” step to mirror-like skin.

“People underestimate how important toner is in a routine. This is something I learned years ago; your skin needs something in between your cleanse and your next product to balance your pH.”

The key to the application? Forgo the spray bottle or hand-patting method. Apply the formula to a cotton round or re-usable microfibre pad and swipe it across the face before applying your serums.

“Something so simple like toner can change your skin,” she continued.

BRB, heading out to stock up on toners…

Main image credit: @kimkardashian

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