Jen Atkin reveals her top 3 no-fuss hairstyles

For when you want to hit snooze one more time

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 25 2017

There’s something so satisfying about hearing your alarm go off in the morning only to hit snooze another two (read: seven) times. However, when you do eventually drag yourself out of bed, facing the harsh reality that you have approximately 10 minutes to get ready can be a tad overwhelming.

Thankfully, we were lucky enough to sit down with Jen Atkin while she was in Australia to promote her new hair care range Oaui (which is stocked exclusively at Sephora). As the celebrity hairstylist in charge of the manes of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Chrissy Teigen, we paid close attention when she revealed her top three favourite no-fuss hairstyles to try when you’re in a rush.

#1 / The frizz fighter

Yep! It might sound odd but Atkin swears your stock standard cap (aka a dad hat) will deliver you effortless movement. “If you’re driving to work in the morning, or doing your makeup, put a dad hat on when your hair is about 80 per cent dry. If your hair is frizzy or really big, it will give you that perfect smoothness at the top of your hair and create the perfect dentation towards your head in front of your face. It’s amazing!” she explained.

#2 / The perfect lob style

The lob has become one of the most popular hair trends around and it looks like it’s certainly here to stay. If you’re already onboard with the popular cut and are looking for easy styling tips, Atkin has a clever trick to try. “My friends who have a lob taught me to do a centre part or side part and tie your hair into a low-ponytail, but before you pull the tail of the hair through you stop so there’s a little bit on a nub and then a straight tail.” After leaving your hair tied back for a while Atkin says that once you release your hair “you’ll have a perfect dent, but with straight ends.”

#3 / Effortless waves

If you have time to blow-dry your hair in the morning but are after Atkin’s signature effortless wave rather than a sleeker look, she recommends clipping in duckbill clips (like the one’s hairdressers use to section your hair at the salon) to sections of wet hair where you want a wave to fall before rough drying your hair as normal, making sure to apply heat downwards and over the top of the clips. And voila, you’ll have soft natural waves, with minimal effort! If you're on the hunt for clips of your own we'd suggest checking out the cute metallic ones Chloe + Isabelle have on offer or opt for Lady Jayne's 3 Pack of Section Clips.

If you now have the perfect wave but need a little extra oomph at the crown of your head, check out our six tricks for adding instant volume to your roots.

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