Jenna Dewan just schooled us on how to do brows

Jenna Dewan's everyday brow routine

“It’s the one thing I have to do myself”

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / June 22 2018

If you’re struggling to master your full-yet-natural-looking brow game, Jenna Dewan, owner of the most perfectly arched and fluffed brows, has shared all of her brow secrets.

She humbly starts with, “This is random but I get a lot of questions about my eyebrows. A lot of you guys go, ‘what do you do with your brows? How do you fill them in?’ So, I’m here to tell you my brow saga.”

And it’s a saga that is SO relatable. The early bit, anyway. She says, “I started off overly obsessed [with plucking my brows]. All I wanted to do in the early 2000s was to just make the thinnest, most arched brows I could possibly get – and it made me look like a Disney villain. I used to get the tweezers and just go pluck, pluck, pluck – and it was the thinnest line you could make. It was very severe.”

Like many of us, she has since put down the tweezers and opted for a more minimalistic approach to her brow grooming. “I don’t wax them anymore and I tweeze so little, only a couple of hairs on the bottom.”

“My routine now is super simple,” she shares. “With just one or two of my favourite products, I get my natural, wispy eyebrow look.”

So here’s a day in the life of Jenna Dewan’s eyebrows. She starts off by brushing her brows using the spoolie end of the Anastasia Brow Definer Pencil in Brunette, “What I do is I brush them in all different directions – I like that kind of Brooke Shields really natural-looking brow.”

Next, she’s onto filling in the gaps. According to Jenna, achieving a good brow all comes down to your filling technique – and it seems that less is definitely more, “I don’t fill them in too much. I used to fill them in [too much] and it was too dark and all you got was one big brow.”

Her approach is a lot more simple now – she applies pencil just on the top of her arches to round out the shape.

“The trick for me is that I used to fill in on the bottom and then I stopped doing this, because for me I like the brows to kind of lift the face. So, now what I do is I just fill them in on the top and brush up.”

Finally, she whips out her favourite brow gel – which, is not even a brow gel at all. “This is from the drugstore – it’s Maybelline New York Great Lash Clear Mascara – I love this stuff. It stays all day. It’s not necessarily a brow gel, but it’s clear mascara and it works good.” To keep your brows in place, we would recommend using Make Up Forever Brow Gel.

After brushing in the gel in an upward motion, she explains that when she doesn’t have her usual brow pencil and brow gel on hand, she opts for Glossier Boy Brow In Brown (it’s not available here yet, but we would recommend using Benefit Gimme Brow for similar results!). “It adds colour, but it also adds a little texture so you can get a more natural-looking brow.”

And when she is without her beloved spoolie? “Sometimes I just use my fingers and I kind of just brush them up and down the sides.” Pointing to her inner brows she says, “It’s all about keeping these bits brushed up.”

She also recommends ensuring that you choose the right colour for a more natural-looking finish, “I know exactly what I want. I don’t want them too filled in, I don’t want them too strong, I don’t want them too black – it’s all about the colour. I need a very medium, rich, warmer brown.”

“To me, a bushy Brooke Shields natural-looking brow is what I go for. I’ve gone through ALL the stages of eyebrows and it’s the one thing I have to do myself. If you ask Patrick Ta, Allan Avendano or anyone who does my makeup – they just hand me the brow pencil at the end and go, ‘Just do your thing, girl. We know you want to do it.’”

Check out the full tutorial below:

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