Jessica Alba’s go-to workout for when she’s got no time

Jessica Alba's cardio workout

How to get in shape when you’re super busy

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / October 31 2018

Jessica Alba has always been known for her toned body – and the truth is, she looks the way she does because she works hard for it.

As a mother, actress and entrepreneur, fitting in workouts can be hard. Her solution? Just 30 minutes of cardio. Jessica revealed on her Instagram that when she doesn’t have time for a proper gym session (think weights and strength training), her main focus turns to the treadmill. She captioned her photo:, “30 min cardio - when you only have 30 min to get it in.”

She also urged her followers to check out her full cardio routine on her Instagram story, writing, “Check out my stories to get my 30 min interval treadmill cardio. I have bad knees so the incline and treadmill is the only way I can #mombod #momofthree #workout #wellnesswednesday.”

Ready to learn her workout secrets?

Her treadmill routine involves switching it up between different inclines and speeds over the course of 30 minutes. And while it may look super simple, judging by Jessica’s post-gym selfie, it appears to be a real killer.

Well, you don’t become a Marvel superhero by doing nothing.

Anyone else up for a treadmill sesh?

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Are you game to try Jessica Alba’s workout? Do you prefer weight or cardio training? Let us know in the comment section below.

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