John Mayer Snapchats his expensive skin care regimen

It’s not just the women of Hollywood sharing their secrets

Beauty Crew Contributor / September 11 2018

Snapchat has recently become the place to get our skin care and makeup inspiration and tips from celebrities, but this week we were surprised to discover it wasn’t from Kim Kardashian or Rosie-Huntington Whiteley – it was from John Mayer.

Even though we haven’t seen him around in a while, John Mayer hasn’t lost touch with his fans. He’s joined the clan of beauty vlogger’s documenting their favourite products and go-to routines on Snapchat, and we’re richer for the experience.

Armed with a heavy artillery of Natura Bissé products, John pulls his hair back with an on-trend bandana and we’re presented with “Skin Care Secrets With John,” complete with magical star emojis, setting the tone for this tongue-in-cheek skin care tutorial.

After cleansing his face, John addresses what everyone is wondering. “People are always asking me, John, what are some of your skin care secrets? And I always say, that’s an odd question to ask me, and they always say, ‘you literally just asked me to ask you that.’”

The 38-year-old musician shares his extensive (and expensive) night-time routine riddled with a bunch of hacks, like applying the products directly to your face because applying it to your hands first, “gets a lot of lotion stuck in the crease of your fingers, and that’s expensive.” He calls this method D.A.T., short for Direct Application Technique.

Another one of John’s skin hacks is a revelation about eye cream. He describes it as, “just better facial moisturiser, but more expensive and in smaller bottles.” He continues to apply it to his entire face using D.A.T.

For Skin Hack No. 3, John uses a vitamin C and E complex. He dabs it with the tip of his finger around his mouth and refers to it as “The Offset Smiley”. He uses it to paint a smiley face on his upper lip and chin, and then rubs it in to his skin.

Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme is then placed in what John refers to as CNZ: Crucial Necessity Zones. CNZs are pre-designated areas John believes he needs moisture the most. He uses a cotton bud to lightly blend the serum into his skin. The next Snap is captioned “Two hours later”, and he’s almost done and onto the last skin care hack.

Skin Hack No. 4 involves a facial spray. Without John, we would think that we could apply face mists directly to our faces. Little did we know that could dangerously make its way into our eyes, so John demonstrates how we should be spraying them into the air and instead, head-butting the mist with our faces. Even though it might look like you’re headbanging, we think this tip has legs.

The whole thing is pretty hilarious to watch, and we highly recommend you do so below:

Unfortunately, the list of products John uses is not available in Australia, but if you want to follow a similar routine, we recommend using L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Vita Lift 5 Daily Moisturiser, Natio For Men Firming Roll-On Eye Serum, Aesop B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel and Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion.

We’re thankful for a skin care routine that could be replicated by both men and women, and we’ll be shocked if John doesn’t add “social media beauty influencer” to his resume. 


Image credit: Snapchat @johnthekangaroo
Video credit: Snaps From Celebs

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