5 jojoba oil products your face will love

Jojoba Oil Products Your Face Will Love

We can’t get enough of this nourishing ingredient

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 26 2017

Whether you’re spending time outdoors soaking up the last few warm days of autumn or sitting in air-conditioning day in and day out, chances are your skin is taking a beating from the constant change in temperature. The damage may not be obvious from the outside (yet), but under your skin, hydration levels are likely to be decreasing, which can lead to dryness and even ageing. One ingredient you should  introduce into your daily routine is jojoba oil, a plant-derived wax from the jojoba plant that has characteristics very similar to your skin’s natural sebum. Here are five ways to incorporate the hard-working ingredient into your skin care routine.


Cleanse your face with jojoba oil

A pivotal step that will benefit from the hydrating addition of jojoba oil is your cleansing routine, as some cleansers can leave your skin feeling tight if you haven’t chosen the right formula for your skin type. We love Vigour Skin Therapy Organic Jojoba Oil Cleanser, which can deeply cleanse, remove stubborn eye makeup like waterproof mascara, and replenish moisture in dehydrated areas.


Nourish your face with jojoba oil

Face masks applied weekly are vital for smoother and softer skin. Boosted with jojoba oil to moisturise, along with rosehip to heal and Davidson plum to regenerate, Endota Spa Intense Moisture Mask takes just 10 minutes to use and can even be left on overnight for a more intensive treatment.


Moisturise your face with jojoba oil

Another way to get your jojoba oil fix during the day is with a moisturiser. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin types, Ella Baché Creme Jojoba is loaded with jojoba oil to hydrate the skin’s layers, as well as coconut oil to nourish and lanolin to strengthen the skin’s barrier to prevent future moisture loss.


Hydrate your face with jojoba oil

For those with drier skin types, a facial oil is a great solution for increasing moisture levels. Go-To Face Hero has jojoba oil in its formula, along with almond, macadamia, Brazil nut, evening primrose, calendula and rosehip oils (to name a few), to soothe and protect skin.


Use jojoba oil on its own

You can’t go past pure jojoba oil for the most potent fix of the stuff. The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Australian Jojoba is exactly as the name suggests, and can be use on its own straight after cleansing or added to your moisturiser for an extra boost of hydration.  

Can’t get enough of jojoba oil? Neither can we. Here are more ways to use the nourishing ingredient from head to toe.

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