Julianne Moore looks half her age in this recent snap

Julianne Moore's youthful complexion

Pretty please, can we look this good at 58?

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / January 24 2019

Do you know who we want to be when we grow up? Julianne Moore. Because that woman does NOT age.

Exhibit A:

Just HOW?! 

The king of celebrity makeup Hung Vanngo posted this pic on his Instagram account (if you don’t already follow him, you’re seriously missing out. He works on *ALL* of the celebs), hinting at a special project between Julianne and luxury jewellery brand Chopard.

While we’d love to know what this collaboration is all about, truthfully, the only thing we can actually think about is how goddamn stunning this entire situation is.

The 58-year-old actress looks mind-bogglingly youthful and glowing, showing off her enviable cheekbones and quite possibly the prettiest ‘60s-inspired hairstyle we have *ever* seen (side note: it looks like the bow trend is still going strong!).

And we’re not the only ones in love with the look. Vanngo’s followers went absolutely NUTS for Julianne’s flawless beauty look, with one fan commenting “Stfd. This is ridiculous!”. Another fan said, “She...never ages WOW.”

Could it be Hung Vanngo’s magical artistry? The killer cat eye wing? The natural ponytail face lift? Julianne’s illusive skin care routine? Or a combo of all of the above?

We wish we knew, because she’s totally killing the whole ageing game and we want in on her secrets.

Don’t mind us - we’ll just be over here waiting for Julianne to drop a skin care line. 

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What do you think of Julianne Moore’s beauty look? Let us know in the comment section below.

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