Jennifer Lopez’s makeup-free snap is the glowiest thing we’ve ever seen

Jennifer Lopez makeup-free selfie

Her skin is so bright you’ll need sunnies!

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / January 21 2019

Question: Does Jennifer Lopez age? Like, at all? Because we reckon she’s looking younger (and more glowing!) by the day. Oh Lord, what we would do to know what skin care products she uses…

While we’re used to seeing J.Lo in full glam mode, she recently posted a makeup-free selfie on Instagram, showcasing her downright-flawless complexion.

Without a slick of foundation, she showed off her enviable next-level glow, perfectly groomed brows and a topknot to top all topknots (seriously, our throw-and-go topknots NEVER look like that!), plus a few face-framing fly-aways to soften her features.

She captioned the pic “#nofilterFriday #nomakeupday” – and WHOA does she look amazing.

Normally known for her signature bronzed glow, this time her luminous look is all down to seriously good skin.

And you’re going to bet her fans went *nuts* for that fresh and youthful complexion

One follower wrote, “You look 28 or 30 seriously WTH?”, while another said, “SUPERIOR GENETICS.” 

TBH, we’re really hoping it’s her skin care routine rather than the genetics…

First Kesha, and now Jennifer Lopez – yep, 2019 is set to be the year that you *finally* let your skin breathe. Bonus: If you minus your morning makeup game, you just might be able to nab a few more minutes of sleep. (SOLD). 

If you’re looking for some tips on how to feel more comfortable rocking a makeup-free look (it can be a bit daunting, after all!), check out our article on how to go makeup-free and feel great about it.

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