Kate Bosworth “macgyvered” a ‘no makeup’ makeup look using just these unexpected products

Kate Bosworth Has These Savvy Beauty Hacks For When You Forget To Pack Your Makeup Bag

Yep, she forget to pack her makeup bag on a recent trip!

Beauty Crew Digital Content Editor / July 11 2019

Ever gone away on holiday and realised you’ve forgotten one of your key beauty products?

Us too, and it’s so annoying right?!

Well, Kate Bosworth went one better than forgetting just one single item: she left her ENTIRE makeup bag behind on a recent trip to Sydney from Los Angeles.

Yep, literally the whole kit and caboodle… not ideal.

But it seems Kate has one seriously resourceful streak in her because instead of rushing out to buy a new bag of gear, she “macgyvered” (as she put it) an everyday makeup look using just the limited number of beauty products she had hidden in her handbag.

In fact, her look turned out so successful that she decided to do us all a solid and share her newfound makeup hacks in a “whoops forgot my makeup bag/almost-no-makeup tutorial”, proving there really is a silver lining in everything.

Here are some of our favourite product hacks from Kate’s video:

#1 / Mix moisturiser with concealer for a DIY foundation

If you’ve forgotten your foundation but have a concealer and moisturiser stowed away in your bag, Kate has the perfect trick for creating your own foundation. 

“For everyday looks, concealers can go a long way if you know how to spread them around and use them almost as a foundation consistency,” says Kate.

To mix up her personal foundation cocktail, Kate first rubbed her stick concealer across the back of her palm before adding a little moisturiser. She combines the products using her fingers and then applied her DIY foundation concoction to her face, again using her fingers.

#2 / Add colour to your face using a lip product

Okay, so using lip colours as multipurpose beauty products isn’t a groundbreaking new tip, but we think this tried-and-true method of adding colour to the face is worth noting.

Kate used the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Chunkiest Chili as a blush and an eyeshadow. 

To create an “overall flush” to her face, Kate first applied some of the product to the palm of her hand before using her fingers to press it into her cheeks, eyelids and “anywhere else the sun hits” to give her face a natural flush.

#3 / Add definition to your brows and lashes using balm and a toothbrush

No brow product? No worries! Kate was able to style her brows using two products you’ll very likely have floating around in your bag – a multipurpose balm and a toothbrush.

“I really love a full brow. I don’t have my brow pen with me today. So one trick that a makeup artist told me quite a while ago that I use in a pinch is to put a balm (and it can be any kind), put a little bit at the end of your eyelashes so kind of using it almost as a thickening agent rather than mascara (or a brow pen),” said Kate.

Kate uses Aquaphor because it’s thick and hydrating, but says any balm will work. We don’t have Aquaphor here in Australia so give Lucas’ Papaw Ointment a try instead.

To apply the balm, Kate recommends first applying some to the back of your palm before picking up a little with your toothbrush to sweep through your brows, or grabbing a little with your fingertips to gently apply to your lashes.

Clever! We’re thinking these beauty hacks might come in handy not just when you’ve forgotten stuff, but also when you’re trying to travel light.


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Have you tried any of Kate Bosworth’s “almost no-makeup” beauty hacks? Let us know in the comments.

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